IT Consulting Solutions

Some IT projects require only one expert to manage a given project but, in many cases it may take an entire team of experts with experience in a variety of fields to successfully implement and complete a given project. For this reson, Alternative Computer Repair has knowlageable and experienced IT consultants on staff to ensure your project is successfull.

IT Services

Project Management

Alternative Computer Repair IT has the management expertise and discipline to execute your project initiatives on time and within budget. We ensure that your businesses infrastructure is optimized for peak performance and security.

Security Solutions

In today's world of data vulnerability, we provide your organization with the best security practices, continuous risk assessments and even managed security monitoring. Our approach is comprehensive, our solutions increase security.

Systems Administration

Our Systems Administration Services will help your business increase efficiency and , maximize productivity by performing crucial system setup and administration  as well as routine hardware upgrades and maintenance. With an experienced team of network and systems engineers will greatly increase the value and longevity of your systems.

Alternative Computer Repair's Managed IT Services:

  • PC/Laptop monitoring and alerting

  • Service availability monitoring

  • Error and event log monitoring

  • Software patch management and deployment

  • Automated spyware and adware removal

  • Anti-virus software management and prevention

  • Password management and security administration

  • User account administration

  • VOIP and Telephony systems management and deployment

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