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About Free Anti-virus

Antivirus Software provides an essential layer of protection from virus and malware infections. With the huge increase of virus and malware, a single antivirus program may have a hard time keeping up with detecting these infections. But using  more than one antivirus program may cause issues such as poor system performance and application conflicts that will even reduce protection.

Using free antivirus can be as effective as purchased software as long as you are aware of its strengths and weaknesses. If you are planning to use or are currently using free antivirus, here are a couple of important issues  to keep in mind and to effectively protect your system.

Ensure your antivirus software offers real time protection. Most free antivirus now offer real time protection for virus but are not as effective for certain types of spyware and malware. To address this overlap of security, you must manually run spyware and malware detection software. There are several very good free spyware and malware removers available but most of them do not allow real time protection unless you purchase the full version software.

Ensure your operating system and antivirus software have the latest updates installed. I recommend completely updating any and all software at least once per day. Antivirus software and Microsoft Updates are the most important step you can take to keep your system safe.

Free Antivirus Software

The following software offers "Real Time Protection". Clik the link and follow manufactures directions for downloading and installing your free antivirus software.

Real Time Protection Antivirus Software:

Microsoft security Essentials



The free version of the following software does not protect in real time. You must manually scan your system in order to detect spyware and malware threats. Click on the link and follow manufactures directions for downloading and installing.

Manual Scan Spyware and Malware:




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